Share Your “Distractions” With God

January 29, 2018

In his homily at St. Pius X yesterday, Fr. Jim talked about being distracted in prayer. He shared how even he, a priest and “professional pray-er” often found himself getting distracted while praying.

I think everyone can relate to this; I know it happens to me. As we pray, our minds wander to things we need to do later in the day, concerns we have for family members, a problem we are still dealing with from the day before, etc.

Fr. Jim’s strategy was to have paper and pen nearby, and write down those distractions as they popped up – to help clear his mind for continued prayer. However, while speaking with his spiritual director, he was offered a different perspective.

She told him: “If those ‘distractions’ are popping up in your mind, they must be important to you. If they are important to you, they are important to God. Bring the distractions with you to prayer.”

Prayer is more than just the recitation of memorized words. Prayer is a personal sharing with God – “God, this is what is on my mind. This is who I am. Help me talk through and resolve the worries, concerns, and stresses that consume me.”

God wants to be a part of your life…every part of your life.

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