“That we grow in faith and love”

February 1, 2018

The following is my weekly letter to the Bishop Chatard High School parent community:

We kicked off Catholic Schools Week during homeroom on Monday by participating in school-wide Adoration in our gym. Nearly 800 people (700 of whom are teenagers!) sitting in absolute silence for fifteen minutes was very powerful.


I provided a notecard to each of the seniors, and gave them the opportunity to write a brief prayer for their classmates. They dropped the prayers in a basket on their way out of the gym, and that basket sits next to the Tabernacle in our chapel for the remainder of Catholic Schools Week.

Here is a small sampling of the beautiful thoughts and prayers some of the seniors offered on behalf of their classmates:

I pray that the Class of 2018 live each day to the fullest and are open to a relationship with God.

I pray that we all find something in life that we are passionate about, and that will drive us to become better people – more authentic, positive, mindful, and loving people. 

I pray that we do not lose sight of what’s important, and that we grow in faith and love. 

That all of us who are crazy busy find calmness in you.

I pray that my classmates follow their calling. 

I pray that we never stray too far from God in our college lives. 

Dear Lord – give me and all of my classmates a sense of purpose. 

I pray that all of my classmates will find a relationship with God.

That we all trust in God. 

That we all stay connected with God and with one another.

Help us to hold our high school memories with love in our hearts.

That we stay strong and faithful. 

Dear Lord – Give us wisdom as we head off to college. Help us to see the problems in the world that need to be fixed…and the courage to do our best to fix them. Help us to work well with others and to follow the path You have planned for us. Amen. 

This is a Catholic school experience – when called upon to pray, our seniors focused their thoughts on making a difference in the world and growing in their relationship with God.

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