One Lunch, One Day

February 8, 2018

The following is my weekly letter to the Bishop Chatard HS parent community. This week I offered details of our annual Ash Wednesday ‘Soup and Bread’ lunch:

Next Wednesday, February 14, is Ash Wednesday and the start of the Lenten season. Bishop Chatard will be getting the Lenten season off to a strong start by incorporating prayer, fasting, and almsgiving into our day.

At 9:55 a.m., the entire school will celebrate Mass (prayer), which will include the distribution of ashes. During Offertory, we will be passing collection baskets. Students will be asked to donate any amount of money they are able (almsgiving). Money collected will be donated to Catholic Charities of Indianapolis, an organization that serves nearly 50,000 children, families, and adult seniors in need each year.

Finally, when it is time for lunch, our regular cafeteria offerings will not be available. Instead, a simple lunch of soup, bread, and water will be served (fasting). Note: there is no charge for this meal.

We want to send a strong message to our students. We recognize that Lent is a time to make our own individual resolutions and spend private time in prayer; but it is also time to come together – to seek God together, share our journey, and encourage one another along the way.

What we have shared with the students is that we are all making a very minor sacrifice…one lunch on one day. Jesus offered up the ultimate sacrifice for us. We are not being beaten, crowned with thorns, or nailed to a cross. We are simply giving up our regular lunch routine…one lunch on one day.

We are not making participation in this special lunch mandatory. However, it is our hope that all faculty, staff, and students will participate unless there are health concerns or allergies to consider.

You can help in this effort by encouraging your child(ren) to participate with a loving heart.

Perhaps you can even participate by having a soup and bread lunch yourself, encouraging it at your office, and getting others to recognize the value of self-denial, reflection, and prayer.

Thank you to our Cafeteria Manager, Brenda Henry, and her staff for their support of this Lenten practice.

And thanks in advance for your support!

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