Daily Lenten Challenge

February 23, 2018

Outside of our Campus Ministry office, we have posted a Daily Lenten Challenge for the students. Here are the messages from this past week –

Ash Wednesday: Wear your ashes with humility.

Last Thursday: Introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met and have a conversation. End with, “It was nice to meet you!”

Last Friday: Assess your week – have you used words to uplift or demean? Have your actions been productive or destructive?

Monday: Gratitude – say “Thank you” to someone and let that person know how he or she has impacted your life

Tuesday: “No Tech”Tuesday! Other than school work, disconnect from all technology – including your phone! Engage in real, face-to-face conversations!

Wednesday: Sometime today, set aside 10 uninterrupted minutes for prayer: Thank God. Pray for the needs of others. Tell God what you need

Thursday: Is there someone you owe an apology? Do it today!

Friday: Is there someone you need to forgive? Do it today!

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