Help Us Be Deliberate & Pay Attention

March 1, 2018

My weekly letter to the Bishop Chatard parent community:

The following prayer was written by my wife Carol (Bishop Chatard Director of Campus Ministry), as she watched the sun rise over a mountaintop in El Salvador. It not only reflects her inner beauty, but also serves as a loving nudge for all of us this Lenten season.

 Loving God,

We are ordinary people, but capable of extraordinary things. Help us to be extraordinary, for others and for You.

Help us push through the barriers of selfishness, greed, judgment, and apathy – or anything else that stands in our way, that prevents us from doing Your will.

With Your help, may we grow in our relationship with You – by focusing on You through prayer, by making time for You – not just attending Mass on Sundays, but making time for you every day. Help us be deliberate.

Keep our eyes open to ways we can serve others, in big ways or small ones. There are so many people in need – help us open our hearts to serving them, and in so doing, serving You. Help us pay attention.

May our actions glorify You.


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