Happy Anniversary (to me)!

June 23, 2018

Today marks the sixth anniversary of my ordination.

Before deacon formation and ordination, I went about my business: I went to work, went to Mass on Sundays, and prayed occasionally. However, I always had a nagging feeling that something else was expected of me. I felt like I was supposed to be doing more with my faith life, more for God.

Since ordination, I go about God’s business: I pray the Liturgy of the hours daily, assist at 2-5 Masses per week, preach regularly, baptize babies, witness marriages, assist at funerals, write a daily blog, visit the sick, work with the homeless…along with my paying jobs as a high school administrator and Director of the Permanent Deacon Formation program for St. Meinrad.


The fact is, since ordination I have never been busier. At the same time, I have never felt more fulfilled. I am more in love with Carol. I am a better father and grandfather (I think). I have a stronger faith. I care more about others. Most importantly, I have better relationship with God and am more open to His love.

Ordination is a gift I do not take for granted. I love being a deacon.

Happy anniversary to my sixteen deacon brothers who were ordained with me on June 23, 2012. Please keep us all in prayer today.

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary (to me)!

  1. Happy Anniversary to you. We all benefit from your commitment to the permanent Deaconate and your seemingly endless energy.

    I was on the St Meinrad Board of Overseers at the time the college was closed and still remember what a sad time that was. I knew they would redirect their vast talents and find other ways to serve the Church. The Deaconate program was perhaps their finest “new” use of talent. And you are a fine example of the success of that redirection many years ago.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Deacon Rick!

    We are blessed to have you at St. Pius! Your homilies are so interesting and amazing.

    God bless.

    Patricia McKay

  3. Happy Anniversary. God has blessed me with you as a mentor and friend. I am so glad that you are always there for me. May God Bless you always.

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