Abandon Comfort

June 26, 2018

This past Sunday the Church celebrated the Nativity of John the Baptist. The following is a portion on an article from the ‘Crux’ website, capturing Pope Francis’ thoughts on St. John the Baptist.

Pope Francis has made the vocation of the Christian faithful to the world the heart of his pontificate. Picking up, and in some ways dusting off, the words of the Council Fathers, he has given the command to live and share the Good News a compelling push, a witness, a warm smile, and unequivocal commands to “make a mess,” “know the smell of the sheep,” “get your hands dirty,” “be good to those who cannot repay you,” and in a loud voice against the darkness, greed, and suffering of the world, “God is stronger.”

As in the life of Saint John the Baptist, Pope Francis is calling us to see the words and deeds, miracles, and actions of God in us and around us so that we can fulfill our vocation and the mission given to each of us.

As Saint John beautifully lived up to his call and gave an acceptable offering to God, so each of us are reminded on this high feast day to abandon the comfortable and compromised ways of living, stretch ourselves, and to generously do all that the Lord asks of us.

To read the entire article, go to: https://cruxnow.com/commentary/2018/06/24/st-john-the-baptist-reminds-us-to-do-generously-what-the-lord-asks/

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