Spirit of the Law

September 10, 2018

The scribes and the Pharisees watched him closely to see if he would cure on the sabbath
so that they might discover a reason to accuse him. (Luke 6:6-11)

Because the Pharisees were continually in conflict with Jesus, one might get the impression that they were not a very intelligent group. Just the opposite is true. The Pharisees were the best and the brightest of the Jewish people. They were scholars of Mosaic Law, experts in their field.

The Pharisees were very intelligent, but lacked common sense or “street smarts.” They were so caught up in the letter of the law that they lost track of the spirit of the law.

Jesus had street smarts. He preached a simple message of love – love of God and love of neighbor. It was not His intent to thumb His nose at the law, but rather to provide a framework that would enhance and bring relevance to the law.

Don’t let the clutter of life distract you from what is most important.

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