More from Rome

October 13, 2018

Thoughts and reflections from my wife Carol as she continues her trip to Rome, leading up to the canonization of Blessed Oscar Romero…

*While waiting on my ride to the airport I was anxious, not wanting to waste my time waiting – how selfish! I thought of Romero and asked him to give me a more generous heart. My heart softened and I remembered to be grateful that I was in Rome. Sometimes I get in my own way.


*Everywhere I look I see stories, history and the Church…awesome!

*We began with Mass and Fr. Jim, our pilgrimage priest, told us not to be tourists but to be pilgrims. Tourists are looking around; pilgrims are searching – we are searching for Jesus.


*I walked to St Peter’s Square, I just couldn’t wait to see what I’ve only seen in pictures. I’m so glad I did! I felt so honored to see the Square prepared for the canonizations.  As I entered the square there were people wandering all around taking pictures: everybody had their own reason for being there. As  turned toward the Basilica, I was frozen – across the front of the Vatican were larger than life banners of all who will be canonized this Sunday. In the middle hung the banner of Blessed Oscar Romero.  I stayed for quite awhile trying to capture the perfect picture to send to everyone, especially all of our friend in El Salvador. 


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