Rome Continued

October 14, 2018

More from my wife’s trip to Rome. She will attend the canonization later this morning!

*This day was a day of symbols and messages. We began the day with Mass at a chapel in the Basilica, The message for today was “we are invited to be one in Christ today.”


*Each day should be a journey of discovery and appreciation. Each day surrender your agenda to Christ – allow yourself to be surprised!

*I love my camera! I want to remember this feeling of awe and wonder from all the sights, artwork and beautiful architecture. I want to remember. My camera has captured so much for me to share with others.

*So many people on fire for their love of Jesus Christ.

*One significant moment was a photo I captured at the Basilica of St. John Lateran. It holds relics of Sts. Peter and Paul. While taking a picture of where the relics were located, the sun was shining through an upper window and was shining so brightly into the Church. I felt as if God was telling all who saw this that He was with us. He was shining His light on us and was present with us.


*Loving this journey, feeling so blessed!

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