With Age Comes Wisdom?

October 30, 2018

Today is my 59th birthday. I have long since stopped celebrating this day and now just try to get through it with as little fuss and attention as possible.

I know my hair is not going to grow back, and that I will never be in the same physical shape that I was back in my high school football playing days, so it is not about vanity.

It is not about feeling cheated either. Sure, there are some things I still want to experience; I have a bucket list just like anyone else. But I am very aware that I have been blessed. I have a great family and have had a number of wonderful jobs. I am not a “stuff” guy, so there are no material things I feel like I have missed out on.

Finally, my anti-birthday sentiment is not connected to a concern for my own mortality. Death is one day closer for everyone. Exactly when my time is up is out of my control, so I don’t worry about it too much.

For me birthdays have become a time of reflection. Am I doing any good? Am I making an impact? Is what I am doing or saying making a difference? Should I be doing things differently? Is this what God has in mind for me? Am I a true witness to my faith?

So I get a bit introspective around my birthday, and usually fall into a bit of a funk because I can’t answer these questions with any certainty. And if I am uncertain, is it because I am failing at these things?

One of the things about which I am certain is that I love God, and as long as love of God is a constant in my life, all things will work for the good.

2 thoughts on “With Age Comes Wisdom?

  1. Happy birthday!!!!! Please know that you ARE making a difference!!!!! I get more from your daily blog than anything else I read each day. And your homily’s are THE BEST!  Keep up the great work and hope you have a terrific day! Shari Mcgrath 

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