Jesus Deserves Our Full Attention

November 23, 2018

Every day He was teaching in the temple area…all the people were hanging on His words. (Luke 19:45-48)

When I read scripture, I often think about how underwhelmed Jesus must be by our response to Him. When He was here on earth, passionate people followed Him from town to town. Many of his disciples dropped whatever they were doing to be with Him, leaving their homes and livelihoods behind. Sinners climbed trees to see him. The sick were lowered through roofs by friends, and some reached out in the hope of simply touching His tunic. Today we read that “the people were hanging on His words.” They listened to what He had to say. They loved Jesus and were attentive to Him.

For us, Jesus is often an afterthought. We listen to Him when we get the chance. We pay attention to Him when we need Him.

What would it be like to hang on Jesus’ every word? To drop everything else we are doing and really take to heart the Gospel message, giving Him our full attention?

Maybe it is unrealistic to think that could happen today, but I encourage us all, as we head into the Advent season, to take steps in that direction by giving Jesus more of our attention or at least some of our attention.

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