Jesus Doesn’t Mind Stinky Feet

April 19, 2019 – Good Friday

I had the honor of washing feet at last night’s Holy Thursday services at my parish.

One little boy who was in line with his parents said, “But Mom, what if my feet are stinky?” I assured him that the apostles feet were stinky, too.

While this exchange provided a light-hearted moment, the little boy’s question was really key to what we believe as Christians. We are all invited to come to Jesus.

Bring your baggage with you – that baggage that is full of stress and anxiety, guilt, sinfulness, and shame – He wants you to come to Him regardless of the size or weight of your baggage.

Bring your doubt – it is OK to be unsure. It is not OK to reject because we don’t understand, but it is OK to be unsure. When we are unsure our job is to look deeper, to ask questions, and to bring our doubt to Jesus, so He can help us work through it.

Bring you fear – nothing or no one can provide the type of comfort that Jesus can. You may be afraid, but He is not – bring Him your fear.

Know that Jesus wants you to get in line…stinky feet and all.

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