How Will You Respond?

May 30, 2019

From now on I will go to the Gentiles (Acts 18:1-8)

Paul spoke these words in frustration. He was sharing the Good News to the Jews, but they struggled with the message. They accepted the message of loving God and one another, and they welcomed the message of eternal life. However, some of the other information being presented by Paul was a bit too much to handle. Jesus was certainly a powerful preacher and prophet, but the Christ?

Our modern culture of relativism reflects this same resistance. Many prefer the cafeteria style of Catholicism: pushing their faith plate along the rails, choosing some of the Catholic teachings with which they are comfortable, that taste good, but ignoring others with which they do not agree.

I once heard the question, “What are you going to say when Jesus locks eyes with you?”

I picture Jesus at the cash register at the end of that cafeteria line. He looks down at your plate and sees that you have only selected a few of the teachings of the Church. He takes your head in His hands and He locks eyes with you. He asks, “Are you with me, or not?”

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