Have You Built Him a House?

January 29, 2020

Should you build me a house to dwell in?…Why have you not built me a house? (2 Samuel 7:4-17)

Scripture is fascinating. Although written thousands of years ago for a completely different audience, Scripture is still able to convey a message people need to hear today.

To put the above passage in historical context, the prophet Nathan is passing along a message from God to David. As David has traveled, the Ark of the Covenant has traveled with him, transported on a cart and stored under a tent. The Lord wants to know why David has not built something worthy of housing such a treasure.

What type of a dwelling place have we built for the Lord? How prominent of a place to do we give Him in our lives? Do we allow Him to dwell in our hearts?

Or is God watching how we lives our lives and wondering, “Why have you not built me a house?”

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