Social Distancing vs Social Isolation (2)

March 30, 2020

As I mentioned yesterday, over a 3-day period I will be sharing portions of an article written by Alex Ross for The Culture Project. Alex is the daughter of a good friend. Among other things, she encourages us to “rest in the presence of the Lord” and to “live in the light.” Today, I offer a second installment. To access her entire article, go to:

Establish technology boundaries that facilitate AUTHENTIC connection. 

While technology has the incredible capacity to help us connect, it can fuel disconnection if we allow it to remove us from reality or meaningful relationships. Here are just a few suggestions of what healthy technology boundaries can look like:

  1. Prioritize real relationships. Use your screens primarily to connect with people you know in real life, rather than to consume copious amounts of anonymous content. In particular, put away screens when the people you are living with are present! In this way, you can make yourself available to the most authentic connection possible.
  2. Consume mindfully. Recognize that bingeing on media does not empower you to live the abundant life you desire. Entertainment can be great, but moderation is essential for what we consume to remain authentically entertaining! Monitor what apps you are using the most, and notice which ones are not proving to be a fulfilling use of your time. 
  3. Live outside of online. If we were to live our entire lives online during this time, we would deprive ourselves of the chance to more deeply get in touch with ourselves, God, and the people we live with. Designate certain hours of your day or rooms of your house to be screen-free. Don’t fear times of silence. They might just be refreshing.

Stay connected with yourself! 

Use this time to dive into discovering the gift you are! With constant news bombarding us, we can be so caught up in things outside of ourselves that we can forget to check in on our own hearts, minds, and bodies. The Lord has created us with great dignity, therefore, we should tend to our own bodies and souls. Take the time to assess your physical, spiritual, and mental needs. What helps YOU live fully alive? I’ve found that daily movement is essential for me to feel in-tune with my body. Stretching, walking, or dancing help me to physically flourish. I notice that I thrive when I am learning new skills, languages, or art forms (there are so many books and online resources that can help us do this during this time)! I notice that journaling, conversing, and praying particularly feed my heart, and that I flourish the most mentally when I practice mindfulness

Much of our society’s loneliness and lack of peace is a symptom of a culture of constant busyness. With so many activities suspended, let’s take a step back from feeling like we have to rush through life. Let’s slow down to be mindful… consider our feelings, notice the lives of others, and savor our experiences. 

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