December 14, 2020

I had the privilege of presenting a workshop on Evangelization and Ecumenism to the deacon aspirants and wives of the Diocese of Memphis, TN on Saturday. We used as our core documents Evangelii Gaudium (Joy of the Gospel) and Unitatis Redintegratio (Restoration of Unity).

Below are some quotes from Evangelii Gaudium that we used to drive our discussion. Tomorrow I’ll share some of the quotes from Unitatis Redintegratio that we discussed.

*We must make speaking about our faith to a hungry and waiting world our number one priority. (Evangelization is INTENTIONAL)

*Each and every baptized person is, therefore, called to speak of their faith and invite others to share it. (Evangelization is OBLIGATORY)

*We all need to learn to become missionary disciples…we must get up and go now. (The need for evangelization is URGENT)

*The Holy Spirit gives tremendous gifts to the people of God for this work. (Our role as evangelists is PRE-ORDAINED)

*Proclaiming the gospel can be achieved through the spoken word (formal) or though a gesture of love, a sign of forgiveness, or even a prayer (informal). We share our joys and hopes, and this leads others to faith. (There are MANY WAYS to evengelize)

*Christ loves us. Love is social by definition. We desire, seek, and protect the well-being of others because of God’s love for us. (Evangelization is SOCIAL)

*We cannot preach the gospel unless we preach the love of others at the same time. (To evangelize is to LOVE)

*Real faith desires to change the world, not to make everyone follow the same creed, but so that everyone can live with justice and peace. (Evangelization is NOT about being right or winning an argument)

*We are called, on a deep level, to be in solidarity with the poor. We must be deeply moved by the suffering of others. (True evangelization puts us in SOLIDARITY with others)

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