December 14, 2020

I had the privilege of presenting a workshop on Evangelization and Ecumenism to the deacon aspirants and wives of the Diocese of Memphis, TN on Saturday. We used as our core documents Evangelii Gaudium (Joy of the Gospel) and Unitatis Redintegratio (Restoration of Unity).

Yesterday, I shared some information from Evangelii Gaudium we discussed. Below are some quotes from Unitatis Redintegratio that we used to drive our discussion:

*There can be no ecumenism worthy of the name without a conversion of heart.

*All the faithful should remember that the more effort they make to live holier lives, the more likely they are to further Christian unity.

*We must get to know the outlook and understand the perspective of our separated brethren.

*It is right to recognize the virtuous works in the lives of others who are bearing witness to Christ.

*When ecumenical actions are undertaken, they promote justice and truth, concord and collaboration, as well as the spirit of brotherly love and community.

*Primary duty of a Catholic is to make a careful appraisal of what needs to be done to renew the Catholic household first, so he or she can bear witness more faithfully.

*In all things, let charity prevail.

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