March 3, 2021

Each day during Lent, I will be highlighting a Lenten Word (or phrase) of the Day from the readings of the day. I encourage you to reflect on this word or phrase and incorporate it in your prayers today.

Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant;
whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave.
(Matthew 20:27)

SERVANT: How do you think of a servant? Someone that lends a hand to another in need? A person that completes a helpful task? Our image of the work of a servant likely includes a beginning and an end to some sort of service rendered, a task completed.

When Jesus uses the term servant he is speaking of service as a way of life. To Jesus, serving others is not something we do. No, a servant is who we should be. It involves a total emptying of self; we “leave it all out on the field” for others.

According to Matthew’s gospel, a servant is a slave, but not in the sense of being forced into servitude. Rather, a true follower of Jesus Christ chooses to be a slave, accepting it as an obligation.

As today’s Lenten exercise, ask yourself this question: Is serving others something I do, or is serving others who I am?

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