Great Heavenly Artist

November 12, 2021

The following reflection on today’s first reading (Wisdom 13:1-9) comes from the “Catholic and Proud” Facebook page:

Great artists don’t just sculpt and paint randomly. Many have a signature style that alert viewers can identify. Most artists also have something they want to say through their work. It may be social commentary. It may be new insights into the human condition. It may be the feeling of peace they want to communicate as they paint lush landscapes. Whatever it is, artists are communicators, not just painters or sculptors.

Do you know who is the greatest artist of all time? God, that’s who. Our heavenly Father has put his signature style, his indelible mark, on every facet of creation. The tiniest blade of grass and the most majestic mountain view—every thing he has created speaks its own powerful message to those who have eyes to see.

So how about taking a field trip as part of your prayer time today? Step outside, and admire the beauty around you. If you can’t get outside right now, use your imagination instead. Allow your senses to take in the sights, the sounds, and the smells all around you. And listen closely. What is the Lord of creation saying to you?

Gaze out to the horizon, and hear the Lord say, “I am the eternal God, with no beginning and no end. I have known you from before time began, and I want you to live with me forever.

“If you are near a stream or a lake, look down at it. Listen to its sounds. Feel its current. Let God tell you, “My Spirit is like a spring of fresh water. Let me refresh your soul and fill you with my peace.”

Keep looking and listening for any message that this great heavenly Artist wants to give you. Then end your prayer by taking a few moments to thank your Father for revealing his greatness, majesty, and love to you.

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